Tooling For Drawing Industry
Tooling For Fastener Industry
Tooling For Auto Components
Tooling For Chain Industries
Tooling For Other Industries
Tooling for Other Industry
 Welding Industries Welding Industries
  |   Coating dies for welding Roads.
  |   Wire guides, carbide bushes.
  |   Wire cutting dies.
  |   Cutoff dies, brazed cutters in carbide Nozzles with carbide cutter insert.  
 Bearing Industries
  |   Dies and Punches for Ball & Roller Heading
  Bearing Industries
  |   Warm Forging Dies  
  |   Dies for Ball Cages
  |   Taper Roller Heading Dies   
  |   Extrusion Dies for Rivets  
 Battery Industry
  |   Extrusion Dies for Zinc Cans and Carbon Electrodes
  Battery Industry
  |   Extrusion dies for outer core body.
  |   Guide for Carbon Electrodes  
  |   Draw Dies and Punches for Caps and Cans  
  |   T.C Wear Parts
 Electrical/Electronics Industries
  |   Lamination Tools for different Core Shapes      Electrical/Electronics Industries
  |   Dies & Punches for Powder Compaction  
  |   Pressing Dies
  |   Top Punch  
  |   Bottom Punch
  |   Core Rod  
  |   Nose Profile  
 Other Industry
  |   Compacting Die, T.C Nozzles & Die for Cable Industries

  |   Carbide Tooling related to Cigarette & Textile Industries.
  |   Dies and Wear Parts for Razor Blade  
  |   Dies & Punches for Currency Coin Production
  |   Plug, Ring and Caliper Gauges
  |   Wear Parts for General Engineering Industry
  |   Work Rest Blades
  |   Customized Specials  
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