Tooling For Drawing Industry
Tooling For Fastener Industry
Tooling For Auto Components
Tooling For Chain Industries
Tooling For Other Industries
Tooling for Drawing Industry
  |   P.C.D/Diamond Dies, P.C.D Nozzles
  Tooling for Drawing Industry
  |   Wire, Bar and Tube Drawing Dies 
  |   Plugs & Mandrels for Tube Drawing Dies 
  |   Sectional Drawing Dies for Square/Hex/Rectangle  
  |   Profile Drawing Dies for various complex shapes & sections  
  |   Deep Drawing Dies  
Tooling for Fastener Industry
  Bolt Forming
  |   Dies and Punches for Bolt Former    Bolt Forming
  |   Dies with Straight Bore, Pointing, Extrusion, Double Extrusion, CSK and Washer
  |   Profile Dies for Self Tapping, Wood Screws & Triroundular Dies for Machine etc.
  |   Segmental Hex Forming Dies   
  |   Cut off Quills, Cut off Knives & Brazed Cutters  
  |   T.C Trimming Dies  
 Nut Forming
  |   Dies and Punches for Nut Former   Nut Forming
  |   Finished Inserts for Nut Forming Dies
  |   Cut Off Quills, Cut Off Knives & Brazed Cutters
Tooling for Auto Components
  |   Hot Forging Dies, Hot Extrusion Dies for Non Ferrous Metals   Tooling for Auto Components
  |   Cold Forging Dies, Extrusion Die Assemblies  
  |   Swaging Dies, Spline Shaft Extrusion Dies
  |   T.C Burnishing Rollers  
  |   Brazed Cut-Off Knives and Cutting Dies for Bi-Metal Contacts  
  |   T.C Wear Parts  
Tooling for Chain Industry
  |   Extrusion dies
  Tooling for Chain Industry
  |   Pin Cutting Dies
  |   Blanking Die & Punch  
  |   Piercing Die & Punch
  |   Rolling Die
  |   Sizing Hammer
  |   Riveting Dies
  |   Silver Contact Rivet Die  
  |   Rotary Die  
  |   Rotary Cutter
  |   Cutter Plate  
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